Snowfall Protocol Has Aspirations To Beat ChainLink And Polygon

During the DeFi summer of 2020, Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) began to moderately bring in returns for investors but by early 2021, these returns had skyrocketed to 1600% and 14400% respectively.

Small-cap investors who discovered, believed, and invested in either or both of them were greatly rewarded with several magnitudes of their capital. Chainlink (LINK) solved the problem of quoting prices accurately across DeFi and became a very reliable oracle for decentralized businesses. At the same time, Polygon (MATIC) built an efficient scalable layer-2 network on Ethereum at a time when Ethereum was plagued with network congestion and high gas fees.

Solving A Real Problem

Solving a real problem in crypto always guarantees massive returns for protocol owners and developers. Snowfall Protocol (SNW) with its planned launch this year intends to solve a real unique problem that has persistently restricted the scalability of the entire crypto industry as a whole. To people who have heard and completely understand Snowfall Protocol (SNW) mission, investing in the project is a no-brainer. To those who have not, thankfully you are in the right place.

The crypto industry has had a lot of bottlenecks in its evolutionary process but none is as significant as the challenge of interoperability. How do we get assets to move from one blockchain to another? Blockchains naturally exist in isolation as decentralized internets and that limits the scalability of the industry as a whole since assets within a blockchain are “technically” trapped there. The need for cross-chain bridges was therefore born. Several attempts have been made to attend to this need however they have all come short.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) extends the boundaries of interoperability and opens it to several possibilities. Now not only can fungible coins and tokens be bridged but also non-fungible ones too. Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is a project which is building a cross-chain bridge to enable the secure transfer of ALL ASSETS across blockchains within the crypto industry. It is taking all the features of Cartesi, Celer, and Ren networks, bundling them together, and adding the unique proposition of bridging NFTs. It will be integrated into Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Cardano, to mention a few. It has the prospect to be the next disruptive technology crypto will see and guess what? It will launch this year.

Snowfall Protocol’s (SNW) token is already outperforming the market, reminiscent of Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) in their early days. Protocol’s (SNW) price trajectory and market cap mimic those of existing successful crypto projects as they evolved. The Protocol (SNW) team announced on the second of January this year that the protocol will launch in 23 days’ time – 3rd February. This announcement propelled the token price by 57%. If this does not get you up on your feet, then it is important to mention here that only less than 15% of total Protocol (SNW) tokens are left to be purchased in the final stage before launch.

It’s no surprise that market analysts and experts alike are bullish on this protocol and have positioned it above ChainLink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC). Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has already created much anticipation in the industry as its unique bridging protocol will mean that this coin is not going to go anywhere, whether the industry likes it or not, this is the future of interoperability and cross chain transfers, which is a major threat to ChainLink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC). 

This could be a life-changing opportunity that will create the next wave of crypto millionaires. You might want to hurry and get in as early as you can. Sign up here to get started!

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