How to Buy SafeMoon in Australia – Forbes Advisor Australia

SafeMoon is a fairly high-risk, long-term investment, so before buying SafeMoon, make sure you have the nerves to accept short-term losses.

Even then, Britton is not convinced of SafeMoon as an investment. “I would suggest that anyone considering SafeMoon should run away screaming, or do some due diligence and then run away screaming,” he says.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay out of crypto entirely. “Rather than risking your money on a token that is difficult to buy, and may become impossible to sell, consider a coin that is in the top 20, listed on all major exchanges, or invest in a diversified crypto fund. With major recognised names and decent market liquidity, it will be easy to exit your position when you need to sell,” he says.

If you do decide to buy SafeMoon, just make sure whatever you invest is money you can afford to lose.

This article is not an endorsement of any particular cryptocurrency, broker or exchange nor does it constitute a recommendation of cryptocurrency as an investment class. 

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