Dogecoin, Uniswap & Bitcoin — Asian Wrap 19 January

Dogecoin price validates the bullish trade idea mentioned earlier in the month. Now, bulls late to the party might face a challenge in the coming days. Dogecoin price displayed favorable market signals during the first week of January, enabling day traders to partake in a 25% upswing toward the $0.09 zone.


Uniswap price has fallen by 12% after an early morning move to the upside was abruptly halted. Now, as day trading bears enter the market, investors with a long-term outlook are forced to evaluate their positions and risk moving forward.


Bitcoin wiped out all its losses from the FTX exchange crash in November, BTC recovered and hit a cycle high at $21,550, following the release of lower-than-expected CPI and then PPI inflation data, which hit the US Dollar.  Typically when Bitcoin price recovers from cycle lows the NFT ecosystem witnesses increased growth. 

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