Binance (BNB) Pushes Past $300 This weekend, As Bitgert (BRISE) Soars Higher – These Are These Week Expectations

(BNB) has broken the $300 resistance this weekend to reach $314 on Saturday. This is a big achievement for the Binance coin after being shaken by the FTX implosion. Although the coin has lost some of the gains to trade at $295 as of writing, crypto analysts believe that Binance has the potential to surge past $330 this week.

Binance was one of the victims of the FTX crash after it was accused of having played a part in crashing the coin. The moves that Binance, including withdrawing its holding on the FTX and exposing unusual transactions, are said to have triggered the coin’s selling pressure. That’s why $BNB got hit.

Binance also got hit by misappropriation rumors after the reserve audit was made public. In fact, words were going around that Binance executives would be charged for money laundering by the US prosecutors. All these factors, plus the hawkish Fed, were the reason Binance reached $227 last month.

The current bullish explosion is expected to extend for the next few weeks, and the coin might trade above $330 by the end of this week. The growing Binance chain and product adoption shall also be a factor in the performance of BNB.

Bitgert Has Also Been Soaring High

Bitgert (BRISE) is another coin that has been soaring high over the past few days. In 2023, Bitgert has been one of the biggest gainers, and this weekend, $BRISE tops among the coins that did very well in the market.

Like Binance, Bitgert is a blockchain-based project that is constructing a high-utility crypto product. The fast-growing utility is one of the reasons why Bitgert did so well in the market last week and this weekend.

The news about the Bitgert team launching a decentralized exchange in the next few days has caused ripples in the market. The updates about the development of the decentralized marketplace have also attracted a lot of attention too.

There are also many developments of the Brise exchange (CEX), Paybrise, and BRC20 blockchain, which attracted a lot of investors.


For both Bitgert and Binance, we can expect the two coins to keep soaring this week. They have everything needed to attract more investors into buying these coins and keep holding them even in tumbling markets. Therefore, Bitgert and Binance are ideal crypto investments to buy this week and this month.

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