Rapping Warm in the Crypto Winter

Cryptocurrency in Hip-Hop has been a rising trend of late. The late Takeoff and Rich The Kid released a track called Crypto, Big Sean boasted about Bitcoin (BTC) in a YG feature, and Eminem and Snoop Dogg released a music video with cartoon Bored Ape visuals. Many of these artists rap or talk about crypto from a pedestal of success. They cry from the rooftops the profits they have made from the crypto markets through well-timed investments, using the volatility of the market to their advantage.

But not many rappers are very vocal about crypto when the market plummets, like the recent crypto crash after Binance liquidated all their shares in FTX (FTT). However, some Hip-Hop artists boldly brave the bear market and are vocal as they HODL their investments. After looking at Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), I will look at Big Eyes (BIG), a promising meme coin to get investors through the tough bear market.

Nas: “F*** With Your Soul Like Ether”

Ether (ETH), the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC), nosedived more than 16% to $1,312 in the crash. Incidentally, one of Nas’ most notorious songs is Ether, a vicious 2001 diss track towards Jay-Z. On the hook, he raps: “F*** With Your Soul Like Ether”. A lot of Ethereum investors may feel their souls have been f’ed with after the steep price drop.

Although Ether may be low right now, Nas has not been shy to show his support of cryptocurrency in recent times, dubbing himself the “Cryptocurrency Scarface” on DJ Khaled’s track Sorry Not Sorry. On the track, he also alludes to his investments in crypto exchanges. In 2013, his investment company also backed Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Nas also reminded fans that he would stick with cryptocurrencies through thick and thin in a tweet he made in April 2021. Nas is a clear advocate of crypto and is in the game for the long run.

Tha God Fahim: Bearing with Bitcoin in the Bear Market

Tha God Fahim is an underground Atlanta Hip-Hop artist, known for his incredible rate of output, tasteful production choices, and prolific collaborations with the multilingual Haitian rapper Mach-Hommy. On one of his songs titled Crypto, he raps about the crashing value of Bitcoin (BTC), when it was coming down from an all-time high of over $60k:

“You gotta have faith, that’s even when it get slow

My first 100K, I blew it on crypto

Had to watch the ups and downs, I seen it get low

And I ain’t get emotional, that’s the principle”

Unlike Rich The Kid and Takeoff, who tote a song of the same name, Fahim is rapping from experiences he has had investing in the cryptocurrency markets. Many investors would be feeling a similar way about their losses in the current crash. Rich The Kid and Takeoff’s track simply glosses over crypto in passing, but does not go into detail:

“She want the info (she do)

I wanna talk about crypto”

Fahim shows an unwavering stance on cryptocurrency even in the face of massive losses. His lament is backed by a melancholic drumless sample chopped up by Montreal loop wizard Nic Craven. Fahim rapping about his losses in crypto, but yet holding onto his assets and not getting fearful shows a resolve that many investors need to mirror to avoid locking in their losses.

Big Eyes to Thaw Out the Big Ice

With many rappers advocating crypto and encouraging fans to invest and stick through the wintery chills, here is a new cryptocurrency that will soon be sliding to the tip of the CoinMarketCap. Big Eyes (BIG) is an up-and-coming meme coin and community token, with a focus on charity. It has a cute anime-styled cat mascot, inspired by coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which have each enjoyed incredible gains – 37,000% and 14,044,998% respectively. Big Eyes is a coin with immense potential, its eyes are brimming with the ambition to overtake the gains reached by its doge-themed competitors. Big Eyes has sold over $9.5 million in its pre-sale and only continues to grow!

Mic Drop

Exiting the market as the blood flows in the aftermath of this crypto bloodbath is simply locking in your losses. At this time it is advisable to HODL all of your cryptocurrencies. If you are so inclined, it may be wise to pick up more cryptocurrency at a hugely discounted price! Do not be afraid of picking up new cryptocurrencies such as Big Eyes in this frigid winter, it may just be the thing that makes you rich once the market charges forward in the next bull run.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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