Crypto Winter Is Looking Over – Snap Up These Exciting New Cryptos Now!

In 2022, the cryptocurrency sector will still experience significant growth and over $1.3 trillion. As the market grows, many innovative projects like Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge are emerging. 

We are now firmly in a crypto winter, meaning that digital asset prices have fallen precipitously in recent months. On the other side, this enables buyers to purchase various crypto tokens at a reduced cost. 

In this article, we highlight the top crypto winter tokens you should consider purchasing right now to fully benefit from the bad market.


Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade , funded by the D2T token, has a strong potential to emerge as the de facto blockchain analytics platform. After testing the software recently, I can say that Dash 2 Trade has many useful features supported by internal analysts and automated tools like machine learning. 

For instance, platform subscribers can receive real-time trading signals after paying with the D2T token. Each signal alerts the member to an upcoming deal, like selling short XRP. The signal will also show the precise entry, take-profit, and stop-loss orders to maximize profits while minimizing risk. 

Dash 2 Trade will also include social analytics that can scan popular projects that may become the next cryptocurrency to go viral. Twitter and Reddit are helpful, but other social media sites are also considered. 

Additionally, a strategy builder that lets users test new trading strategies in a setting replicating real-time market conditions is available to subscribers. Along with a rating of each project, the Dash 2 Trade site also offers exclusive access to the greatest forthcoming ICOs and presales. 

Overall, Dash 2 Trade is creating a top-notch trading community and analytics platform that will give D2T holders the best chance to outperform the market routinely.

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The greatest cryptocurrency to buy during the crypto winter for environmentally-conscious investors is IMPT. Enterprises and individual users can reduce their carbon footprint with a successful carbon offset scheme. 

So how does it operate? Platform users can earn carbon credits by making purchases from any of the green companies that have collaborated with IMPT. After every purchase, the site awards users IMPT tokens. There is a carbon market on this cutting-edge platform as well. 

As a result, consumers can lessen their environmental impact by exchanging the IMPT tokens they receive for each purchase they make for carbon credits. Through the IMPT crypto app, conventional purchases are also made. 

By doing this, consumers will accrue a sales margin on ecologically friendly purchases and earn IMPT tokens. Additionally, people can use the credits they accrue (or buy) to support causes and programs that have been shown to benefit the environment and society. 

As NFTs, carbon credits can be purchased, traded, or burned. With the latter, the user is rewarded with a special NFT that may be traded in the carbon mentioned above. This might be the most environmentally friendly coin available.


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Another area of the crypto market that is expanding quickly is play-to-earn gaming. The participants must gather battle cards built on top of the Ethereum architecture. Each battle card will possess various qualities, some of which are superior to others. 

The most valuable battle cards in the Calvaria ecosystem are identical to those from the original Pokemon card series. The finest combat cards also increase the likelihood of the holder winning against other players. 

In addition to being entertaining and engaging, Calvaria’s PVP (Player-vs-Player) idea allows users to earn cryptocurrency incentives just for participating. The Calvaria’s underlying token is RIA, which is used to facilitate prizes and pay for in-game items. 

The fact that NFTs are used to represent combat cards is another crucial factor. As a result, every combat card is distinct, and, more crucially, each one is sold to other players through the Calvaria marketplace. The RIA tokens and other NFT items are a tremendous incentive for players to compete in the game, thanks to this ecosystem.

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One of the year’s top IEO cryptos is Tamadoge. Uniswap, BitMart, and OKX now list their native token, TAMA. One of the top meme coins is TAMA. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are the two most well-known meme coins. Following the end of the previous bull market in 2021, both of these meme coins provided traders with enormous returns. 

Tamadoge uses a new approach by mixing meme currency concepts with P2E (play-to-earn) game mechanisms. This entertaining game resembles a Tamagotchi reboot, except it incorporates blockchain technology and provides crypto prizes and NFTs. Each pet has its own unique set of strengths and limitations and is minted as an NFT. 

All Tamadoge animals are born as infants and need care until they mature. Players can therefore raise, mint, and breed their Tamadoge creatures. A Tamadoge pet can participate in the turn-based arena where participants engage in combat after it reaches adulthood. Playing strategically might reward players frequently. 

They can attempt to surpass other players at this point to top the scoreboard. Some would contend that Tamadgoe, which has room to expand and a solid roadmap, is among the finest coins to buy during the crypto winter. 

Despite being a brand-new cryptocurrency project, TAMA’s team has already applied to the list on Binance.


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Thousands of coins have been built using the Ethereum network. The blockchain creates a peer-to-peer network that securely runs and verifies application software. It is decentralized. This application code is a smart contract for those who don’t know. NFTs and DeFi are only two examples of the many uses for ETH. 

Additionally, in 2022, Ethereum switched from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, which enhanced transaction speeds and made Ethereum more scalable. This ought to hasten ETH’s acceptance and use cases. With Ethereum technology, digital currency, apps, and international payments can all be made. 

Furthermore, a robust online economy has been developed by the Ethereum community. Offering creative new ways for creators to monetize their work online is one aspect of this, among many others. On Ethereum, the DeFi mechanism never stops working. The network is operated by thousands of volunteers acting as nodes worldwide. 

There are about 8,700 as of this writing. Due to the integrated protocol improvements outlined in the Ethereum roadmap, the network will probably become even more scalable, safe, and long-lasting.



Like Ethereum, the Polkadot blockchain was developed to support an ecosystem of DeFi services and apps (dApps). Polkadot combines several blockchains. The core of the chain, also known as the relay chain, employs the PoS consensus mechanism of the platform. 

This serves to secure the network and confirm transactions. Due to shard chains’ capacity to process transactions concurrently rather than sequentially, sometimes known as parachains, Polkadot provides quick transactions. 

The Web3 Foundation’s founder and Polkadot’s developer expects that one million transactions per second will someday be possible on the blockchain. Polkadot addresses scalability and interoperability, two main problems affecting the blockchain industry. Developers also place both high on their priority list. 

Polkadot is the most active ecosystem of its sort, as evidenced by the number of developers who use it monthly. In light of this, DOT is among the top crypto winter tokens that investors should consider purchasing right now.


Final Thoughts

There you are! We presented a list of the top six currencies to invest in this winter. D2T tops the list. After that, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamagoge are worthy options. Don’t hesitate and invest in one of these currencies for massive gains.


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