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Crypto, ETFs, and Stocks

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist with Bloomberg Intelligence, and Katie Greifeld, cross asset reporter with Bloomberg News, join for an in-studio roundtable to talk FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, crypto regulation, and where the bottom is for Bitcoin and other digital assets. Sean O’Hara, President at Pacer ETFs, joins the show to discuss ETF investing and strategies he likes for the rest of 2022. Noel Archard, Global Head of ETFs at AllianceBernstein, joins the show to discuss ETF investing and market conditions and what they portend for ETFs in 2022. Kevin Tynan, Senior Autos Analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, joins the show to talk about Rivian and Tesla stock moving in the premarket. Marianne Scordel, founder at Bougeville Consulting, joins the show to discuss Paris overtaking the UK as the largest stock exchange in Europe. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

Nov 14, 2022

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