Chainlink, Aptos & VeChain – American Wrap 07 November

VeChain price validated last month’s bullish trade idea. Traders who partook in the move may be enticed to aim for extended targets as the technicals show a strong bullish presence. Key levels have been defined to gauge VET’s next potential move.

Aptos Price Prediction: Eight of every ten traders are trying to catch the knife

Aptos price witnessed a strong sell-off during November’s first trading weekend. If market conditions persist, a continuation of the downtrend could occur throughout the week. Key levels have been identified to gain perspective on APT’s next potential move.

Chainlink price pops higher as equities rally, but what about the broader picture?

Chainlink (LINK) price action had bulls popping champagne on Friday with nearly 13% intraday gains in the books, making it one of the best trading days for 2022. Unfortunately, the weekend hangover  came in hard as price action in Chainlink quickly reversed as profits were booked. A cold shower came for investors as China is not letting go of its zero-covid policy, which is putting pressure on the supply chain and global economy.

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