3 Cryptocurrencies to Watchlist Toon Finance, Shiba Inu, DogeCoin

Following a year of global economic struggle, a growing community of investors will turn their attention to the crypto market in 2023. Savvy investors are eagerly looking for the best digital assets to buy at the end of 2022 and heading into the new year.

With over 300 million people around the globe now owning at least one digital token. While they all have contrasting views about what makes a successful coin, they are united by a desire to see their investments return a significant profit. Let’s take a look at three of the leading candidates pinpointed by crypto analysts as boasting the potential to rocket over the next 12 months and beyond.

Toon Finance (TFT)

Early investments have been key to securing optimal returns throughout the crypto sector’s brief history. The obvious example is the fact that investors would have needed to buy just $25 worth of BTC in 2012 to become millionaires by 2022. However, hundreds of successful digital assets entered the public exchange at tiny costs before growing several thousand percent. Toon Finance could be the next big opportunity.

The P2E gaming platform doesn’t even officially launch its native $TFT coin until January 1. Nevertheless, thousands of enthusiasts have invested during a pre-sale phase that started on October 10 and has offered the opportunity to secure a discounted price. A successful IOC campaign has seen the token become listed ahead of its launch on CoinMarketCap and other huge platforms, thus encouraging new investors to discover Toon Finance too.

In addition to trading the TFT token, Toon Finance is a growing community of gaming enthusiasts who can participate in a Space Battle Grounds environment that’s supported by SHA256 encryption to ensure fair play. As the metaverse community of players and NFT collectors grows, it is very likely that the TFT token that’s needed to support the platform will grow in value.

The DeFi platform has made fast progress and its roadmap to handling a total supply of 1 billion tokens is already in motion. The token can be purchased in the pre-sale through ETH but the token will be available on Uniswap and other popular platforms after launch to create a more versatile playground.

It is highly anticipated that TFT will see significant growth in 2023 thanks to the excitement surrounding the metaverse as well as the timing of its launch. The big question is whether the ceiling is 10x or 100x its initial value.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Coin

Shiba Inu dominated the headlines in 2021 and cemented its place as the best performer of the year by securing growth of over 43,000,000 percent. Forty-three million. The digital asset understandably endured a far less impactful 2022. The value dropped significantly from a peak of $0.00008616 in October 2021 to less than 10% of that value. After months of stability, experts suggest that 2023 could be another year of strong ROIs.

Will SHIB provide the gains that it did for the early investors two years ago? Almost certainly not. Nevertheless, experts have suggested possible highs of $0.000027 by the end of 2023, followed by $0.000037 12 months later and $0.000046 by 2025. By the end of the decade, there is a potential forecast of $$0.000095. It would signal a huge climb but is only a little higher than the peak it hit in 2021, which shows that these predictions are very realistic.

However, Shiba Inu is a meme coin that has gained huge public and investor interest since launching in 2020. The journey it experienced in 2021 shows how quickly things can change and can give investors hope that the token will outperform the forecasts. Either way, it is clear that Shiba Inu still has the potential to make people rich, not least because it remains very much in its infancy.

The fact that SHIB started as a satirical take on Dogecoin, and even marketed itself as the Dogecoin killer, should not detract from its impressive history. It has all the key ingredients to succeed – the fun factor, a cute mascot, notoriety, a sense of intrigue thanks to the anonymous identity of author Ryoshi, and genuine prospects of big financial growth.

If you kicked yourself after missing out in 2021, this could be the opportunity to make amends. Thanks to the low costs, you’ll also have the opportunity to sell a percentage of tokens when convenient too.

Dogecoin December 2022

While Shiba Inu has certainly had a massive impact on the crypto market, its somewhat tongue-in-cheek mission statement of killing DogeCoin wasn’t quite accurate. DOGE trades at under $0.1 but is still comfortably in the top 10 tokens on the exchange. It is more than just a meme coin, it is a bonafide phenomenon that took the world by storm and arguably sits second on the list of important digital tokens behind Bitcoin.

DogeCoin has shown the power of social proof and celeb endorsements. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and advocacy of DOGE could see the token see another major upturn. Despite enjoying an incredible bull run in 2021 before coming back down to a level that’s still more than 25x higher than it was before the ascent, the current level of around $0.08 highlights that there is still room for the digital asset to deliver huge ROIs.

Analysts have pinpointed a 10x increase in value before the end of the decade, starting with growth to $0.23 heading into 2024. Despite some doubts surrounding the industry as a whole, DogeCoin co-founder is confident that BTC will hit $100,000. If it does, there is a big chance that it will drag the other leading tokens like DOGE with it to big profits.

While it took some time for the meme coin to truly capture the attention, it is now very much at the top table of digital currencies. While it may have become an accidental phenomenon, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is powered by the best blockchain tech and security for decentralized transactions. Its function within the context of the community is perfect.

Experts suggest that holding DOGE alongside Toon Finance in Shiba Inu will strengthen your portfolio heading into 2023. Now is the perfect time to act.

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